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Woodgate Farms Home Owners Association                

Olmsted Twp, OH

Residents and Property owners in Woodgate Farms

Dear Homeowner:

At our annual meeting in October of 2006 the board was asked to look into the possibility of allowing homeowners to erect sheds on their property. We knew this would require the review of our existing HOA documents and possibly a vote by homeowners to amend these documents. Board Member Chuck Cvitkovich volunteered to look into this matter to determine what would be required to approve such an amendment.

As Chuck and other board members reviewed the documents filed with Cuyahoga County they realized that what had been filed with the county did not match the handbook presented to all homeowners upon purchasing of their respective property in Woodgate Farms. In fact the handbook states that sheds are not allowed; however, the official documents on file with Cuyahoga County do not state any restrictions on sheds. In essence sheds have been allowed all along provided the HOA board approves the architectural design and placement of the structure prior to applying for a shed permit with the township.

With this knowledge in hand Chuck has created a document describing the design and review process to be followed when applying for a shed permit in Woodgate Farms. The board has reviewed this document and approved its content. Please follow these guidelines when requesting approval from the HOA to construct a shed then submit the approval along with the other required information to the Township Building Department when applying for a building permit from the Township in order to erect your shed. The Building Department will not issue a permit without this document


Woodgate Farms Home Owners Association Board


cc: Olmsted Township Building Department

Click Here for Shed Application PDF  Click Here for Sample site plan documents

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