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In an effort to maintain the aesthetic and economic value of the homes in Woodgate Farms, architectural standards and a design review procedure have been established.  The architectural standards are designed to regulate the style, size, location, proportion, color, material and basic construction methods of all structures within Woodgate Farms.


The following design criteria is a guideline to encourage architectural continuity.  These criteria are not meant to limit creative choices but to promote the feeling of quality within Woodgate Farms by means of design consistency.


When single family homes or a cluster development with either zero lot lines or single family lots, are permitted by the Zoning Code, the following criteria will be used to control the architectural design.  This will be done so neighboring dwellings are harmonious with each other and compatible enough in appearance within the development as a whole, to provide an identifiable neighborhood in the community.










For Architectural approval, the applicant shall submit a complete Design Review Application and 3 (three) sets of prints for each house to be constructed to the reviewing architect as noted in the design review application.  Incomplete forms will delay the review of the plans.  All plans submitted shall be clearly marked as to building lot location, street and street number.


Submittals for additions to existing homes must comply with the above procedure and be submitted to the reviewing architect.  This would include a completed application, plans and the review fee.






A.                 Style of homes should match the regional vernacular architectural styles.  The entire community must have a diversity of style.  This diversity will work to break up any monotony of one predominant plan or style merely reversed back and forth throughout a street or area.  Continuity must be maintained throughout the community which may seem contradictory to diversity.  It is not and should not be confused as such.  A single house plan and elevation, if varied slightly with respect to color, roof pitch, window style or size or type and facade can be diverse, yet maintain the continuous character of the development.  Rear elevations facing major streets should receive additional architectural consideration.

B.                 Woodgate Farms will become a prestigious, desirable community if a character is developed and allowed to grow and is adhered to by all participants.


The intent of this Architectural Review is to foster creativity, individualism and a holistic community comprised of several architectural styles of houses, each one individual but with continuity and character throughout the development.  The following outline will be used to review the plans submitted.  The review includes but is not limited to the following:


II.                 SIZE AND LOCATION

The minimum dwelling unit area requirement for a residence on a single family sublot shall be 1600 square feet and have no less than a two car attached garage.  Unit areas within cluster sites shall not be less than 1150 square feet.  Square footages are exclusive of garages, basements, porches, breezeways, etc.



A.                 Homes should compliment the regional vernacular architectural styles.

Some examples include:

1.                  Cape Cod

2.                  Victorian

3.                  Georgian

4.                  Tudor

5.                  Normandy

6.                  Western Reserve

7.                  French Chateau

8.                  Colonial

B.         Roofs and Pitches:        Roof pitches should correlate with the style of architecture.  A house should not have more than two different roof pitches.  Too many different pitches create a cluttered unprofessional architecture.

1.                  Roof pitches are to have a minimum slope of six (6) vertical to twelve (12) units horizontal .

2.                  Gutters and downspouts should match or complement the house exterior color scheme.  They should match the trim color or the house siding color and be as unobtrusive as possible.

3.                  Special attention should be paid to properly placed and proportioned  dormers, reverse gables and special roof features as these elements add height and character to the house.  These elements should be placed over entrances or feature window areas.


C.        Windows:         Windows should be properly placed and well proportioned on all sides of the house.  There will be numerous locations in the development to take advantage of the views and all participants are encouraged to take the time to place the windows properly.  Second floor windows should relate to what is occurring with the first floor and the rest of the house.  Align windows, when possible, with the first floor windows and proportion them to complement each other.  Windows are more than a hole in the wall to get light into the house.  A great deal of character can be emphasized with the proper windows.  Windows and skylights will receive a great deal of consideration at the time of review.


D.        Proportion Scale Massing:        All houses will be checked for these most important architectural criteria.  Houses should be well-balanced; symmetry is not required nor is symmetry necessarily balance.  Windows, overhangs, projected areas or portions of houses are usually a desirable attribute in many styles as long as it is not overdone.  Windows and decorative elements can break up large masses of the house so that a more human scale is perceived.  Patterns, rhythms and articulation of architectural elements are encouraged as these usually make the style more interesting.


E.         Multiple Houses In A Non Thematic Residential Area:   Identical Houses are not permitted adjacent to each other.  No more than two houses in a row may have the same color and must have different trim colors.  Builders are encouraged to vary and mix floor plans.  The same house will not be permitted to be built repetitively down the street.  It is recommended that the same house not be repeated within three houses in each direction.


F.         Thematic Neighborhoods:         In recognition of the goal of fostering separate and distinct neighborhoods within the Woodgate Farms Community, same-style houses within a cluster residential area will be permitted.  While same-style houses will be permitted to provide a residential area with its own theme and signature, both in design and architecture, builder(s) within the neighborhood are encouraged to vary the exterior colors and materials between houses, provided that both colors and materials for each individual house complement each other and each adjacent house.




A.                 Houses submitted must have complete color schemes for all exterior components.  Submit color samples of each material.  (Builders may supply the Reviewing Architect with sample kits for reference for all homes in lieu of submitting samples each time).


1.                  Samples must be large enough to easily view the colors.

2.                  Submit samples of all materials, including but not limited to; paint, stain, siding, trim, roof, shingles and face brick.  Actual face brick samples do not have to be submitted.  The manufacturer, the catalog number and name and description of the color may be sufficient.


B.                 Colors for an individual house should complement each other and the adjacent house.  Acceptance of color schemes shall be fully the authority of the Reviewing Architect and of the governing bodies.  Each house will be checked against the adjacent house.


C.                 All facades of a house are to be of the same color scheme.  The only exception will be for dissimilar materials, such as a brick front with aluminum siding.


V.                 EXTERIOR MATERIALS


A.                 Exterior surfacing materials shall be limited to no more than three on any one dwelling.


B.                 The following list of materials shall be acceptable, including but not limited to:


1.                  Face brick, standard or modular size, stone or simulated stone if natural in appearance.

2.                  Wood, horizontal lap, bevel, vertical V groove, exposure to suite style of house.

3.                  Aluminum or vinyl siding horizontal lap style, exposure to suit style.

4.                  Shingles; allowed on roof only, fiberglass, asphalt, wood, slate or composition.  Roll roofing is expressly prohibited.

5.                  Siding shingles (wood) will be permitted on the proper style house.

6.                  Paints and stains including solid hiding and semi-transparent.

7.                  Wood, fypon or vinyl trim work and decorative details.

8.                  Wood and metal railings, balustrades, benches, millwork, etc.

9.                  Wood, aluminum, PVC, clad and painted windows.


C.                 The following list of materials and uses are expressly prohibited including but not limited to:


1.      Diagonal siding, wood or aluminum.

2.      Mixed directions of siding on one house.

3.      Asphalt or fiberglass shingles as wall cladding.

4.      More than one color of face brick.  (If the applicant has worked out a design scheme with more than one color, the Reviewing Architect will review the design, as long as it is an architectural design.)

5.      More than one color of siding.

6.      Concrete block and/or concrete walls.

7.      Waterproofing or parge coats from grade to bottom of siding.

8.      T-111 will not be permitted.


VI.              CONSTRUCTION


A.                 Face brick is required on front elevation from grade to bottom of siding.  On corner lots brick is required on both elevations facing streets.  Side and rear elevations may be use brick or brick pattern formed concrete.  Concrete block foundation walls above grade are not acceptable.


B.                 All siding must be either horizontal or vertical.  Do not mix directions on the same house.


C.                 Trims to be as desired or to suit the architectural style of the house.


D.                 Exterior stairs shall be the full width of the door.  In the case of sliding doors, patio doors, French doors and swing door units, the stairs shall be the full width of the unit.


E.                  Porches, patios, verandas, porticos and decks are encouraged as they add a great deal of character to a house.


F.                  All decks must be included in the plans at time of submission.  Show all railings, benches and stairs.


G.                 Decks not included with plans must be submitted in writing to the management company to be forwarded to the Architectural Review Committee.  A building permit is required by the City.  All decks must be maintained and the wood must be sealed or stained a neutral color, as approved by the Architectural Review Board.  Posts must be cemented in the ground.


H.                 All homes must be designed to meet or exceed all applicable zoning and building codes and reviews of all authorities having jurisdiction over the Development.


I.                    Nothing in this document shall be construed as conflicting requirements to the zoning and building codes governing the Development.  Submissions will be reviewed for compliance to the exterior architecture of the building.


J.                   Each home constructed within Woodgate Farms shall be constructed on single lots only.  No double or triple wide lots shall be permitted.


K.                Each home shall utilize the approved Woodgate Farms mailbox design.  No residence shall be permitted to construct brick mailbox standards or other non-approved styles of mailboxes.


L.                  Above ground pools and sheds are specifically prohibited within Woodgate Farms.  Any exterior modifications, additions or alterations made on existing residences including but not limited to decks and sun porches shall require the approval of the Declarant.


      M.        Fences are permitted within the Woodgate  Farms subdivision provided they meet the following:


        Must follow all governmental requirements (including permitting)

        Must be maintained

        Fences must be a minimum of 3 ft. in height not to exceed 5 ft. in height.  The following styles are acceptable:

o       White picket fence

o       Board on Board

o       Open Board

o       Wrought iron style are permitted upon approval only in white and black

        Fences can be vinyl or wood. Wood must be clear sealed or stained a neutral lumber color, as approved by the Architectural Review Board. 

        Fences must not be located closer to the street than rear line of residence

        All fence post MUST be cemented in the ground and constructed of treated




Woodgate Farms

Olmsted Township, OH


Submit all documents to:


Associated Property Management, LLC

5090 Park Avenue West

Seville, Ohio 44273

Office: 330-722-3000     Fax: 330-722-3396


Accompanying this application must be three (3) copies of the building floor plans, elevations, and the site plan.  These items shall be submitted prior to the house plan submittal to the Olmsted Township Building Department.  The Building Department will not review any plans not approved by Associated Property Management, LLC


As stated in the HOA Documents, Applicant is responsible for Review Fees.










Phone No.:                                                                                                                                          


Prepared by:                                                                                                                                        








Sub lot No.:                                                                  





Date Application Received:                                                                                                                  


List the type, manufacturer, and all possible colors and finish (if applicable) for all items listed below:






Exterior Trim

(Frieze, Corner

Door, Window

Surrounds, etc.)






And Downspouts










Brick or Stone

(If used)






Features (Mantles,

Shutters, etc.)







(If Used)





Decks, Porches,

Fences, etc.















Garage Door





Square Footage            (1600 Sq. Ft. Minimum Habitable for single family and 1150 Sq. Ft. for Cluster Homes)


First Floor                                                                                                                                           


Second Floor                                                                                                                                      







                        Date Application Received:                                                                                          


                        Date Application Returned:                                                                                          




                        Approved By:                                                                                                              


                        Approved as Corrected By:                                                                                         


                        Revise and Submit By:                                                                                     


                        Revise and Corrected Plans By:                                                                                   
























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